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Present Simple vs. Present Continuous

Present Simple - Review

Hello! In this activity we will review Present Simple!
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Task no.1
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Task no.2
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Do the exercise at this link - https://www.tuttoinglese.it/present-simple-affirmative-4.html! Make than a screenshot and add it in the box underneath. Thank you again!
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Task no.3
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Do this exercise, and write the solution in the box underneath. Make the following sentences both negative and interrogative

1) Gordon plays the guitar. NEG INT 2) Your cousins live near Victoria station. NEG INT 3) Their computer works well. NEG INT 4) Julie Andrews is a good actress. NEG INT 5) Your grandparents drink tea in the afternoon. NEG INT 6) Her father plays tennis on Mondays. NEG INT 7) Their best friend goes to school by bus. NEG INT 8) Your brother comes to dinner every day. NEG INT 9) Her son plays the piano. NEG INT 10) Mark washes his hair every morning. NEG INT
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